What is Off Grid Camp?

For 4x4 Overlanders

  • A platform for 4x4 OVERLANDERS looking for SOMEWHERE WILDER to camp.
  • Membership costs £25/year and gives you ACCESS to our network of OFF GRID CAMP LOCATIONS and their contact details.
  • Book and pay location hosts DIRECTLY for your stay.
  • You must be:

For Landowners

  • An opportunity to DIVERSIFY YOUR INCOME without the hassle of running a conventional campsite. All our members are fully self-sufficient, expect NO FACILITIES & respect the #LEAVENOTRACE principal.
  • It is FREE to list your location on offgridcamp.co.uk and members book and pay you DIRECTLY. We take NO COMMISSION on bookings.
  • You can accept members to stay on YOUR TERMS and YOU CHOOSE where you want our 4X4 CAPABLE members to set up camp.