Landowner FAQs

  • Is my land suitable for an Off Grid Camp location?

    Off Grid Camp members are looking for a wilder camping experience. The majority of members have off-road capable vehicles so the more ‘off the beaten track’, the better. We want to share the wilder side of the British countryside so some suggestions include hill tops and valley views, river banks, beaches and woodland. You’ll know the beauty spots on your land but if you’re undecided Tom and Rozzi from Off Grid Camp HQ will be happy to visit and help you choose.

    You may also want to consider providing locations suitable for small groups of overlanders to camp together.

  • As a landowner, what do I need to provide?

    Simply somewhere wild (and preferably flat) to camp.

    The expectation is that you do not need to provide any facilities. All of our members know that they must:

    • Be self sufficient,
    • Drive within their capabilities
    • Leave No Trace and take all of their littler home with them. All our members sign ‘The Poo Pledge’ which states that they must have a self contained toilet or bring a shovel.

    You may choose to provide access to a tap but our members will consider this a luxury.

    If you allow members to have raised campfires, you may choose to sell bags of logs.

  • What is #leavenotrace?

    #leavenotrace is a principle which is as simple as it sounds that all our members agree to when they register. We want to build a community of responsible, like-minded individuals who respect your land and leave no trace.

  • What is 4x4 capable?

    The majority of our members have off-road capable 4×4 vehicles (overlanders). When you register your site, you can specify one of 3 levels of vehicle requirement on your land:

    1. Any vehicle – Location easily accessible from a public road by any vehicle.
    2. Off-road capable – Only accessible to 4x4s with off-road tyres capable of handling rough tracks, wet grass and muddy gateways. Suitable for drivers with limited off-road experience.
    3. Experienced off-road drivers only – Only accessible to fully off-road capable 4×4 vehicles with drivers who know how to handle their vehicle off-road. Tracks could be steep and/or rutted with possible river crossings.
  • Do I need planning permission?

    You may choose to opt for ‘The 56 day rule’ which allows for 56 days of camping/year (increased from 28 days in 2023) without needing planning permission from the local authority .

    Or you can apply for formal planning permission for more regular camping.


  • How much do I charge?

    Off Grid Camp simply links you, as a landowner, with overlanders so you can choose the terms by which you want to operate.

    As a rough guide, we consider £10/adult and £5/child to be a reasonable price. You could also choose to charge per vehicle. Off Grid Camp do not take a commission.

  • How do campers book their stay?

    Your preferred means of contact will be provided to members on our website who can then book directly with you. Most landowners choose to provide an email address and we request that you try to respond within 24hours.

  • How do overlanders pay me?

    You can charge overlanders how you want. You may choose for them to pay you by cash on arrival or you could provide payment details for them to pay prior to arrival.

  • How will they know where to camp?

    You can choose:

    • To provide information prior to arrival
    • Or you can arrange to meet on arrival and show the overlanders where to go
  • Are overlanders allowed to have a fire?

    Overlanders must have your permission to have a fire and they must use a raised fire pit.

  • Are members allowed to bring dogs?

    Members must have your permission to bring a dog. You may wish to specify that they must be kept on a lead.

  • Do I need insurance?

    You will need some third party liability insurance to run an Off Grid Camp location. It may work out cheaper to add this to your current insurance if you do not have it already.


  • What measures are in place to ensure members are respectful of the land?

    We’re really happy to share that we’ve not had any issues since launching in Spring ‘22. We think this is because of a few reasons. Firstly, our members pay a £25/year membership fee to access the database of locations. And when they become a member, they agree to the ‘off grid camp pledge’:
    1. I agree to be self sufficient.
    2. I agree to leave no trace.
    3. I agree to ‘The Poo Pledge’.
    4. I agree to drive responsibly and within my capabilities at Off Grid Camp locations.
    And finally, because of our very simple booking system where we just provide your contact details, every member will communicate directly with you prior to staying so this inevitably supports a mutually respectful relationship between you and the members.
    In fact we’ve had loads of feedback about how much landowners and overlanders have enjoyed meeting each other!